Church Chat

7 03 2011

We are approaching Lent and Easter, special times in the Christian faith. Easter is a time of renewal and joy, which is hopefully reflected in Church and Chapel.

In St Mary’s we lead in with a change of worship pattern at Church: the 6th March sees our first “Family/Children Eucharist” service at 11.15am. We will be seeing this as a “1st Sunday of the month” fixture in the Church calendar, so please spread the word and bring everyone with you to COME and SEE! As they say, “the CH..CH is nothing unless UR in it”.

On a more formal note, please consider our appeal for nominations to PCC. Our Churches cannot survive without the help of committed Christians who are prepared to come onboard and help by attending Church and being members of the Parochial Church Council. You can put yourself forward, or you can nominate someone who you think could help, by contacting the Vicar or Churchwardens. NOW!!!

In “Church Chat” it should also be mentioned, for general information to all, that, following recent oil thefts our Church has implemented security measures advised by police and local council. A shame this has to be done, but hopefully our measures, up and running, will help those in the community to feel more safe in the face of criminal activity. As a Deanery (Churches up and down our area) we are all doing something to help communities to avoid future suffering. The message is, to be entirely brutal: “don’t try to nick our oil, ‘cos you’ll be done”!

I’m doing Church Chat for Nercwys News at the moment, but maybe it would be more appropriate for another who loves the Church to volunteer to take on this regular spot for Nercwys News. Let us know!