NCC Agenda 28th October, 2009.

13 10 2009

NCC Agenda Oct 09




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26 10 2009
Nick Jones

Thanks Bill, appreciate the help in getting this valuable time set up.

I will let people know of the change in time.

Look forward to seeing you all Wednesday at 6:30pm.



25 10 2009

Hi Nick – glad I caught you at lunch time – as suggested let’s meet 6.30pm on Weds 28th in Chapel Schoolroom – please could you let other people know?
I’ll also drop a note in your letter box

25 10 2009

HI Nick – I’ve referred your request to the Chair [Paul].
The Ten Minutes was something that we introduced some time ago to facilitate and encourage public involvement.
Having said that the meetings are covered by Standing Orders and bureaucracy of the Local Govt Act – they can not be changed without prior notice [set out on Agenda and Notice of Meeting which are published prior to the meeting]. We will have the Public Meeting in January when I would hope/expect that the Survey and the Community Strategy- this will provide further opportunity for debate.


25 10 2009

Nick, Thank you for your comment, it has been passed on to the Community Council.

21 10 2009
Nick Jones

In relation to the agenda posted for the Community Council Meeting of Wednesday 28th October may I request that instead of the usual 10 mins allotted for the public to speak Nercwys Community Council extend this to 30 minutes.

I would like to address the issue of the survey further ( Both myself and others feel it is very important ) , and respond to the letter I received from Chair Roberts dated 12th October 2009. Unfortunatley I think this may well take a little longer than the 10 minutes allotted but I will certainly try to be as concise as possible . I am very aware that others may also want to use this time to raise issues or pose questions to the Community Council

I undertsand that everybody’s time is valuable so I would appreciate the councillor’s consideration of this request. I know that it is encouraged to have members of the public speak at these meetings and it is not unusual for community councils to offer up to 30 minutes ( sometimes known as a democratic half hour ) to hear public views and address public concerns and questions.

Thanks in advance to all Nercwys councillor’s for your consideration of this request.

I look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday.

Nick Jones
(Nercwys Resident )

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