Youth Council Letter to Flintshire Chronicle

1 05 2009

Below is the letter that the Youth Council prepared and has been sent to the Flintshire Chronicle folllowing an anonymous letter to that paper criticisng the Community Council’s support for the kick back wall.


In response to your very unnecessary letter we the Nercwys Youth Council think that the letter was very insulting towards us as a youth council as we have worked extremely hard to work towards this kick back wall.

In raising funds for the project we ourselves have raised £1000 through a car wash, sponsored bike ride, coffee morning, and at Nercwys village fete. Also we have done voluntary work in the Nercwys village fete in which on our own behalves we managed the coconut shy and face painting. Also the community council have generously donated £3000 not £12000 as was quoted in the previous complaint letter. Various other organisations have kindly donated grants as they think the kick back wall is a good idea for the Nercwys Youth Community as a whole.

This is not just three middle class youths it consists of forty plus youths who will regularly use the kick back wall. We would also like to point out that there are no facilities or activities for the over 12s to use in the village. Also the Sports Council of Wales has donated £1800 which we are very grateful for as we are only a small organisation.

If the person who wrote the last letter would like to discuss it further then we meet at the Chapel Room in Nercwys every two months. The next date is Tuesday, 23rd June, 2009, at 6p.m.
Thank you
Yours Sincerely
Nercwys Youth Council




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