Nercwys Community Council Draft Minutes 30.7.8.

31 07 2008

Nercwys Community Council – Cyngor Cymuned Nercwys

Ordinary Meeting of the Council held in the Soar Chapel School Room, on Wednesday 30th July, 2008 at 7pm.

One member of the public attended, and reported that the street light by Tan y Rhos was not working [reported to Deeco by Clerk 31.7.8.], and that there was a defective manhole cover on the verge opposite the Old Smithy [County Councillor Matthews kindly undertook this action].

1. ATTENDANCE Brian Roberts [Chair], Paul Roberts, Cordula Thomas, Norma Evans, Gill Smith, Horace Nicholls, Darren Williams, Jean Price.
In Attendance – County Councillor Nancy Matthews.
2. APOLOGIES. Apologies from Phil Gerrard [holiday].
None declared

• The Chair reported that the Village Green was in good order following recent use of it for parking for a wedding. [See below].Councillor Darren Williams asked about damage that might be caused – the Clerk advised that the application for use contains a clear undertaking from the organiser to make good.
• Plans for possible improvements to the Children’s Play Area had been passed to the Mums’ and Toddlers’ Group.
• The handyman no longer requires a strimmer!
• He updated the Council on the street light proposed between the church and the stream. Difficulties with permission meant that alternative options were now being explored
• Hedge by The Crossing House – this issue was ongoing – Councillors Gill Smith and Paul Roberts dealing.
• Village Show on 26th July had been a very successful day – he expressed thanks to all those involved.

None apart from additional correspondence received by Clerk.

Constable Aldous was not able to attend. He had briefed the Clerk that there was a concern over thefts of scrap metal from farm areas.
It was noted that the new Neighbourhood Watch sign by the Children’s Play Area was insecure ACTION Constable Aldous please.
Uncertainty was expressed over the running of the Neighbour hood Watch Scheme. ACTION Constable Aldous to invite the appropriate person to the next meeting to discuss/explain.

These were proposed by Norma Evans and seconded by Cordula Thomas, approved as correct and duly signed by the Chair.

8. MATTERS ARISING –not dealt with elsewhere on Agenda.
• Councillor Paul Roberts is yet to speak to the driver of the goods vehicle ONGOING.
• Play Scheme – this is now in progress. Both County Councillor Matthews and Councillor Darren Williams reported excellent feedback.
• Community Strategy –ONGOING given work on Kick Back Wall and Audit. [NB Councillor Horace Nicholls to be included in Working Party.]
• Tan y Rhos bench has been repaired.
• Bowling Club Gate – School and Bowling Club in agreement – forwarded by Clerk to FCC. –ONGOING
• Senior Citizens’ Programme – no progress. ACTION Clerk to prepare article for Nercwys News.
• Christmas Tree – Forestry is willing to provide – details have been forwarded to Councillor Paul Roberts

i. Register of gifts and hospitalities over £10 – none declared.
ii. The Clerk reported in detail on the progress of the Audit and gave each Councillor a copy of the Audit Report, with detailed responses thereon. It is formally Minuted that the purchase of the shed, cycles, etc was under the auspices of the Welsh Assembly Government Active Lifestyles Fund and WAG has formally confirmed that the project is fully reconciled.
It was AGREED that the Clerk will review the appointment of Internal Auditor for next year.
iii. The Clerk reported on further requirements set out by the External Auditor. He presented in detail to the Council a five page set of Financial Regulations that he had drafted. This was discussed and APPROVED. He further presented a two page set of Internal Financial Controls that he had drafted. This was discussed and APPROVED. The Clerk pointed out that neither of these documents had previously been required and were indicative of the increasing burden of audit.
iv. Payment of Clerk’s Fees – £213.84. APPROVED. Cheque 697.
v. Receipt re Finance Software Cheque 696 refers.
vi. FCC Invoice re elections £1,199.49 [£1,500 budgeted]. APPROVED. Cheque 698.
vii. Insurance Renewal re Cycle Scheme £492.66 [£500 budgeted]. APPROVED. Cheque 699. ACTION Clerk to publish in Nercwys News reminder of how to access bikes.

10. ACTION PLAN The Action Plan was reviewed
1. Speeding – as per Traffic Matters in previous Minutes. Clerk to remind attendees of Meeting 4.30pm Thursday, 28th August, 2008, at the White Lion to report on their ACTIONS.
2. Older Children Play Provision – as per Kick Back Wall;
3. Pavements – agreed by FCC – awaiting work this financial year – early sight of tender documents raised some concern over lighting – County Councillor Matthews to explore please
4. Neighbourhood Watch – see above in Police Consultative Arrangements.

11. REPORT FROM YOUTH COUNCIL Report from the Clerk.
In response to a question from Councillor Nicholls the Clerk confirmed that the Youth Council was, as previously agreed, a subordinate body to the Community Council, and part of the Clerk’s employment. [County Councillor Matthews noted that other councils in fact pay youth workers for such roles]. Written Minutes are made [and reported to this Council at each Meeting] but not circulated given concerns over identifying young persons.

The Youth Council was bitterly disappointed over not receiving funding from ‘JAG’. The Clerk has now submitted a bid to Sports Council Wales [ACTION County Councillor Matthews to chase up Leisure Services please re this]. The Chair raised the possibility that budget for Older Children Play provision could be utilised if necessary. A strong letter of support has been received, signed by thirty persons from the Friends of Nercwys School.

The Youth Council Coffee Morning will be Saturday, 13th September, 2008, at 11 a.m. in the Chapel School Room. It is being sponsored by Youth Services and FLVC who are both impressed with the work of the Youth Council. The Coffee Morning is specially aimed at older members of the community, to meet the young people, to hear what they are doing, and to agree a Code of Conduct for the Kick Back Wall. ACTION Clerk Article for Nercwys News.

The Youth Council was strongly represented at the Village Fete and raised approximately £300 which will go towards the Kick Back Wall.

A proposed tour of Mold Police Station is planned for the autumn.

i. Public Services Ombudsman ~Revised Complaints Leaflet/Forms –
ii. WAG ~ Review of Electoral Arrangements. Discussed. AGREED Clerk to
draft response for Chair on basis that the appropriateness of multi-member divisions should be questioned, and that the size of a county council should be restricted to a more manageable number, perhaps half of the present 75 maximum.
iii. Menteriaith~ Annual Report. RECEIVED.
iv. Summer Play scheme Programme [see above].]
v. One Voice Wales National Training Programme CIRCULATED.
vi. SLCC Regional and National Conferences. NOTED.
vii. Post Office Programme for Change NOTED [No Post Office in Nercwys].
viii. Application use Village Green 12.7.8. [Approved by Chair 11.7.8.]
1. Deeco Lighting Bill – £217.68 Cheque 700
2. Letter of thanks Nercwys Primary School re £200 for water RECEIVED.
3. FCC – BT Proposal to ‘re-align payphone provision –a proposal to remove the telephone kiosk at the Owain Glyndwr. County Councillor Matthews has researched this – the kiosk was used 13 times in the past twelve months. Given this it was felt that there were insufficient grounds to oppose its removal.
4. SLCC Membership Renewal £59 Cheque 701
5. Current Account Statement 4.7.8. £683.54
6. FCC – Notice of Temporary Road closure Mynydd Du -28.7.8.RECEIVED.
7. Wales Air Ambulance Pound Appeal Draw – Raffle Tickets circulated.
8. Keep Wales Tidy Awards 2008.It was not felt appropriate to enter this.


Darren Williams reported on the School Governors.
Investors In People accreditation was being sought.
An Action Plan was being developed post Inspection.
A Parent Governor vacancy had been discussed.

Councillor Horace Nicholls asked that Footpath No. 46 be discussed at the next meeting [NB Councillor Phil Gerrard to has this responsibility], with a view to deleting it.
7pm Wednesday, 24th September, 2008.
The meeting closed at 21.04

…………………………Brian Roberts. Chairman. 24.9.8.




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