Draft Community Council Minutes 18.6.8.

19 06 2008

Nercwys Community Council – Cyngor Cymuned Nercwys

Ordinary Meeting of the Council held in the Soar Chapel School Room, on Wednesday 18th June, 2008 at 7pm.

One member of the public attended, but chose not to speak.

1. ATTENDANCE Brian Roberts [Chair], Paul Roberts, Cordula Thomas, Norma Evans, Gill Smith, Horace Nicholls, Darren Williams, Jean Price.
The Chair welcomed Councillor Price to her first meeting and congratulated her upon her election.
In Attendance – County Councillor Nancy Matthews.
Constable Aldous for part of the meeting.

2. APOLOGIES. Apologies from Phil Gerrard.
Councillor Phil Gerrard [absent] had declared his interest in his application to use the village green.

The Chair noted that the new seats had been installed at Llain y Llan [cost £200], and thanked the Clerk [aided by Councillor Nichols] for fixing them.

He noted that the village had a generally scruffy appearance, largely due to overgrown verges and hedges. It was noted that it was the wrong time of year to cut hedges, however the junction at Ffordd y Pentre and Nercwys Road was a road safety issue – Councillor Gill Smith undertook to speak to the householder -ACTION. [Constable Aldous advised that a recent road collision near to the waste disposal site had been exacerbated by overgrown foliage.]

The Chair reported that had discussed the issue of foliage with the handyman, and a petrol strimmer would greatly assist. It was AGREED to fund £150 for the purchase of a suitable strimmer, together with personal protective equipment. ACTION Chair.

Fly tipping in Ffordd Pentre Bach had been reported by the Clerk [twice] to FCC.
The Chair noted that the children’s playground appeared to be in good order.


Constable Aldous said that there had been some recent thefts from farms, which were being investigated.
There had been criminal damage to cars at Pen y Bryn Farm – he would be looking to gain assistance from the Youth Council on this matter.
Councillor Darren Williams raised concerns from a parent concerning a senior citizen photographing and taking hold of a young person – Constable Aldous will pursue this.

The Clerk reported that there had been an outbreak of white paint graffiti last Wednesday, reported to him by members of the Youth Council. The perpetrators[s] were believed to have been from outside the village. They/accomplices had removed the marks at his behest.

The Clerk also reported that the Planning Permission for the Kick Back Wall had been APPROVED by FCC. He and Constable Aldous would be attending the County Joint Action Group 19.6.8. with hopes of achieving the necessary remaining funding. [Clerk’s Note – very disappointingly this was not granted.]

The commercial vehicle parked at Church View was now parked in accordance with law, as long it was lit up during the hours of darkness. [Councillor Paul Roberts suggested that it could be parked on some adjacent spare land and undertook to speak to the driver ACTION.]

These were proposed by Norma Evans and seconded by Cordula Thomas, approved as correct and duly signed by the Chair.

8. MATTERS ARISING –not dealt with elsewhere on Agenda.
• Nothing heard re Summer Play scheme. ACTION. Clerk to chase up [e-mailed Janet Roberts 19.6.8.]
• Tan y Rhos bench – still pending with handyman.
• Gate by Bowling Club – responses from School and Bowling Club awaited.[Chased up 19.6.8.]
• Code of Conduct Meeting – members who attended found it informative.
• Traffic Concerns – a meeting had been held with FCC and NWP – details published in the Nercwys News – as below
• Chair’s letter of thanks to former Councillors -done.

Meeting with FCC –Charles Hughes, and Ian Jones,
North Wales Police – Inspector Alun Oldfield, Constable Gary Aldous,
County Councillor Nancy Matthews, NCC Chair Brian Roberts, Cllr Paul Roberts,
Peter Addiscott NADRA, Eryl Woodward, .Bill Brereton
The Problem
Discussed concerns of people over speed and RTCs in the area. There have been repeated complaints from the community for a sustained period.
There are two issues,
1. Complaints of speed in the village 2. Speed and collisions on ‘peripheral roads.
Ian Jones pointed out that a change in regulations was imminent [currently 1/93] – the new ones may provide better options.
Bill pointed out that it was not acceptable to delay further, and current available options should be explored.
1. Encourage people to press their Assembly Members for a change in regulations to allow for lower speed limits [20mph in a 30 and 50 mph in a national speed limit area] on unclassified local roads –ACTION Item for Nercwys News];
2. NWP to provide details of ‘Community Speedwatch’ – whereby volunteers would operate speed guns [ACTION Item for Nercwys News].
3. ‘Pass Plus’ take up was not known – Bill will contact Geraint Jones FCC [tel 704527] for details for an article in NN;
4. FCC/NWP will conduct a speed audit and then deploy SID [Speed Indicator Display] at appropriate locations;
5. Walking Bus for school was discussed but not felt appropriate;
6. Discussed position of white line outside Peter Addiscott’s house – not felt appropriate to re-position; given lack of pavements and high number of pupils from outside the village;
7. Ian to check Bill’s proposal for children to design signs;
8. NCC to write to FCC requesting Vehicle Activated Sign;
9. FCC undertook to review signage in the area;
10. Agreed police to enforce and no longer advise – as this has gone on long enough without positive improvement.
Agreed to meet again in late August to review progress
Next Meeting – 4.30pm Thursday, 28th August, 2008, White Lion.

• Community Strategy
Councillor Paul Roberts and the Clerk had worked on this.
The Clerk gave short power point presentation.
It was AGREED to:
a] To Agree Strategy b] To implement the Strategy
c] To work on Planning Issues pre Local Development Plan
Consultation, and d] to commission a ‘Community Audit’
ACTION Clerk – article for Nercwys News, and next Public Meeting. A working group consisting of Darren Williams, Paul Roberts, Cordula Thomas, and the Clerk was agreed to look at planning issues- first action to obtain planning outlines from FCC [ACTION Clerk – emailed FCC 19.6.8.]

i. Register of gifts and hospitalities over £10 – none declared.
ii. To declare any conflict of interest with Auditors UHY Hacker Young, or JDH Business Services – None [Councillor Gerrard has been asked outside of the meeting];
iii. Report re Annual Return – the Chair has signed the Annual Return and it has been forward to the Internal Auditor in the first instance. Balance brought forward at 31.3.8. £9,612.32.

Given the time consuming nature of the work required for this, the Clerk sought advice from the Society of Local Council Clerks which recommended a software package by Edge Designs; it was AGREED to fund this software [£487.63 inc. VAT to include necessary training. Subsequent annual cost of £135 plus VAT for three years].

iv. VAT Refund, £1,086.94 received;
v. Payment of Clerk’s Fees and Expenses.

10. ACTION PLAN The Action Plan was reviewed
1. Speeding – as pre Traffic Matters above;
2. Older Children Play Provision – as per Kick Back Wall;
3. Pavements – agreed by FCC – awaiting work this financial year;
4. Neighbourhood Watch – whole village now covered by Councillors- details passed to Constable Aldous 19.6.8.

The Council debated calls for support for senior citizens in the village, but noted the absence of any organisation to arrange events. It was keen to encourage provision to recognize the contribution made to our society and would welcome the forming of such a group. It was AGREED in principle to fund a maximum of £1,000 to be vired from other budget heads. The Council awaits developments.

12. REPORT FROM YOUTH COUNCIL Verbal report from the Clerk.
Graffiti issue as above.
Successful Arts Session – led to the Youth Council deciding to hold a coffee morning on 13.9.8. particularly to engage with older members of the community who may seem them as a threat. Part of this will also be to agree a Code of Conduct for the anxiously awaited Kick Back Wall!

i. Request by Mr. Phil Gerrard to use Village Green [Declaration of Interest Declared] – AGREED by Chair who had inspected the site post event – no damage.
ii. FCC – Environmental Competitions, 2008 –given Item 4 above not pursued;
iii. FCC Civic Sunday -apologies given on behalf of Chair.
iv. Denbighshire & Clwydian Range AONB Countryside News;
v. North Wales Health Communities Consultation – passed to Councillor Norma Evans;
vi. Groundwork Community Project Newsletter – Circulated.
vii. Countryside Council for Wales Booklet. Circulated

i. 044891 Cowshed Conversion, Pentre Bach Farm- returned to FCC. No objections by NCC. Approved by FCC.
ii. 044940 Kick Back Wall – Approved by FCC.

Gill Smith – nothing to report on Village Hall.
Cordula Thomas – went to an Emergency Planning Meeting but nothing of note.
Darren Williams reported on the School Governors. The School Inspections had gone well. Projected numbers were 45 – 5 pupils [10%] down. A Food Co-operative was being launched by the School- for parents and staff [possibly being widened subsequently]. School was looking for sponsorship for football kit. It was going to fence off School House, and develop the garden area and seating. Pupils were designing road traffic ‘Mind Me’ signs [cf traffic issues above].

Paul Roberts asked if a Christmas tree could be obtained from the forestry. ACTION Clerk [E-mailed Rhun 19.6.8.]


7pm Wednesday, 30th July, 2008.
[No meeting in August, last Wednesday in the month thereafter].

The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.

…………………………Brian Roberts. Chairman. 30.7.8.




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